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---Just Like a Shooting Star Part 3

 In an attempt to conjure words, you said, "I'm really cold." It was just something that you had thought up to fill the quiet, but it was certainly true. Between lying on snow, having snow pretty much all over you from snowball barrages, and your hands being numb, you were pretty damn cold. It wasn't too bad earlier, but it was starting to get uncomfortable.

 "D'you want to go inside?"

 "Nah. Just wanna get up and outa the snow," You sat up, shaking off some powder snow. "...Maybe we could go for a walk or somethin'."

Jack sat up as well, and he had an expression that seemed to say 'really? A walk? That's so boring'. After a moment, however, it changed to interest, then joy. "Okay! A walk! A walk sounds nice." He jumped to his feet and you followed, trying to the best of your ability to brush off the snow on your sides and back. He paused as if remembering something. "Hold on. I gotta go get something." He said before dashing into your house. He returned with a staff that had the sinuous look of a tree branch that had been snapped right from the tree. Despite that, it was perfectly straight, and formed an angular hook on the end that reminded you of a shepherd's cane. It was framed with frost, as everything jack had was, and, just like Jack himself and all of his stuff, it had a strange beauty to it.

 Before long the two of you were in a nearby park that would have been much more active earlier in the day, but with the afternoon turning to evening everything was starting to thin out, including the snow. The last few flakes had made their descent, and the clouds opened their maws to form gaps where the darkening sky showed through. The scene was bathed in orange from the sunset, the still fresh snow glimmering gold underneath the light.

 Jack was either too light to break the surface of the snow or he was gliding above it, so the only sound for a while was the crunch of your own footsteps against the white ground.

 "Y'know, this is one of my favorite sounds of Winter." You said, breaking the somewhat silent tension.

 "What, the sound of nothing?"

 "No, the crunchy footsteps!" You smiled. "I just really like the sound."

 Silence followed and you continued walking, eventually stopping and sitting on a bench. Evening had snuck up on you, and it was dark before you knew it. Who knew it would be so much fun to just be, and relax for a little.

 Suddenly, Jack perked up, as if remembering something. "Oh yeah! I can show you your surprise now!"

 You remembered the surprise that he had mentioned. You had nearly forgotten about it. Jack stood up from the bench and you followed.

 "Alright," he said, poking his hand out towards you. "Take my hand. We're gonna have some fun."

 Gingerly, you grabbed hold of his hand. You expected it to be like holding an ice slab, but, while he seemed to emanate cold, there was a certain humanly warmth to him below his chilly skin.

 The wind began to pick up, whipping at your face. You were reminded of how strong the wind was when you were in the tree, making you tense and take a step closer to Jack. He looked at you reassuringly.

 "Alright, here we go!" The wind got intensely fast, and somehow, it lifted you and Jack up into the air. You started to shake in a combination of fear and surprise. Riding on the wind felt precarious, and you expected the suspension below you to give out at any minute. Higher you climbed into the sky and you grew more calm as you looked at Jack, who didn't take his eyes off of you. Eventually, when Jack felt like you were at a good height, you stopped rising and hovered.

 "So, what do you think?"

Flying Boy (Chapter 2 Part 3) by lapras42

/ / ©2013-2015 lapras42
OOoookay, part 3! Sorry about being a bit late, but I haven't been able to be very active. Because this one's late and fairly short, I'll try my best to post part 4 tomorrow, which won't be very hard, because I really like part 4.

I'm probably going to start reading through these more thoroughly before I post them so that I have more to say about them in the description.

Part 4: [link]
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